Joomla SEO And Internet Marketing Services

Joomla SEO

Joomla Search Engine Optimization Services
  • plan and implement SEO and Internet marketing campaign
    We’ll create a list of steps we need to take to get your website good search engine positions.
  • Google Adwords or other PPC campaign utilization
    Will configure and manage PPC campaign for your website.
  • internal website optimization
    Our developers will revamp your website code to meet modern standards.
  • Google Analytics setup
    We will install Analytics an your website and will track website visitors and send reports to you.
  • competitor research
    We’ll carry out competitor and keyword research to understand the competitveness of the niche, and to build an effective strategy.

Search engine optimization services vary so much like online reputation management services by McKremie or even more specific like services geared by location as our friends McKremie offer in Orange County. Some SEO Company’s even offer services geared towards Wordpress or Joomla.

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Joomla! Developer Conference

Joomla! Logo The first ever Joomla! event specifically for third party developers will be in New York City on December 5 and 6.Focused on the transition to Joomla! 1.6, the Joomla!

Developer conference will feature all four development coordinators (Louis Landry, Sam Moffatt, Ian MacLennan, Mark Dexter), master Joomla! developer Andrew Eddie, Hannes Papenberg from the 1.6 release team and MooTools team member Aaron Newton.
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