Joomla SEO And Internet Marketing Services

Joomla Setup

Joomla Setup & Configuration Services
  • gather requirements
    We are always available for you to discuss all conditions, and create a detailed plan of work.
  • choose web hosting
    Depending on your needs and goals we may help you to figure out which web hosting would be the best fit.
  • buy a domain name
    If a desired domain is already taken, we can offer different variations and options of available domains.
  • configure DNS records
    We’ll contact domain registrant and request configuration of all necessary domain options.
  • configure corporate e-mail
    We will configure an e-mail engine on your hosting provider’s servers, or on the third party provider servers, such as Google.
  • choose design template
    You will be provided with a row of free and non-free design templates to choose from.
  • upload and install Joomla
    We’ll upload and install Joomla with all necessary components.
  • Joomla configuration
    This includes configurations of all necessary add-ons and modules, design template utilization.
  • further technical support
    And we’ll always be there for you to help with fixing any issues.

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